No one talks about the contradictory information that you find when searching for SEO training. Or the limited information you find which leaves you confused about what direction to take for your SEO strategy.

Other sources leave you uncertain about how much to trust the training because they base their knowledge on theory. This brings about the “correlation doesn’t imply causation” argument.

’m sick of the expensive classes that only show theory with no practical application. This is what led me to create this course.

This course is going to give you proven SEO skills to improve your rankings without the extra fluff.

No charts. No theoretical guessing. This is the practical approach you can apply to your website directly, instead of the statistical information you would get in a college course.

I’m not simply making comparisons of what the highest-ranking websites are doing. These are actual techniques I’ve used to rank over 300 websites in the first position of Google search engine results pages. This isn’t information you can easily find reading articles online. I actually take you behind the scenes of an SEO consultant and show you how an actual SEO professional ranks sites.

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